Eat 3 Things Daily To Improve Health

Improve Health

Today we are talking about three such important things daily to improve health which will be easily available to you and you will get special benefits by using them. You have to soak these things at night and use them in the morning. Doing this will affect your digestion. For those who are not able to cook food, for semen increase and your skin, for hair, many of the health benefits that you will get from these will be seen in a short time, but before that, you should understand why it is important to know all this. It is said under Ayurveda that Rohit is not a reviewer even from diet and the word reviewer that has been used here is that I am one to take food after thinking, eating anything is not a human being even. If you look at the animals too, they should know what is edible at their convenience.

If you leave any animal in the forest then it will not eat even a single plant. It will look at it, and after examining it, it will consume it and any such thing. If one does not consume plants then it will not be good for his health because he knows what is beneficial and what is harmful but the irony of man is that today for the sake of taste he is eating anything and many of its side effects are visible on his body. But some medicines reduce these side effects and also prepare you for whatever may happen to you in the future. Today we have to talk about three things, the first two things will be nature. They will cool down and if consumed in this summer season, they have special benefits.

Poppy Seed

The first thing you have to use is poppy seeds, whereas poppy seeds are cold, they are used by those who have increased heat in their body, and those who have excess bile, their health remains fine in winter, but as soon as summer comes, They have to face a lot of health-related problems, pimples start appearing on the skin, the face starts becoming lifeless, digestion is not good, and there are bad effects on the hair and even mentally they remain troubled. In the summer season, such effects will be seen on many people, for them this poppy seed will be especially useful and in general also every person will maintain a cooling effect in his body.

poppy seed

If one uses this poppy seed to avoid heat during the summer season, then it is especially useful for those who do not gain weight. It is also important to increase the weight of those who have increased bile, which we said is related to bile. It will be especially beneficial for all disorders including skin disorders, whether there is any other effect on your body, acid formation, or any disorder in digestion, so how should you use it?

You have to soak the poppy seeds overnight in any glass vessel. Soaking two spoons in quantity will be sufficient. After waking up in the morning, consume that water and the poppy seeds. Then if you feel that you have a problem like depression or you have a urinary tract infection, UTI, or any other problem related to urine, in that too you can keep this poppy water in a bottle and drink it a little throughout the day. -You can consume it little by little. By using this poppy seed, you will get special health benefits and it will be especially useful in the summer season.

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Green Mung Bean

For you, the thing to be used is green moong. Green moong is also cool. It is especially useful to use it in the summer season. It also saves honey. It is also cool and It increases strength, nourishes the seven metals in the body, and increases semen, so these are its special properties. Due to these properties, if it is used by sprouting it, you can tie it and keep it in a bundle. Keep it in water for some time and then keep it outside, then this master will remain in this bundle and will slowly germinate, then you use it, after taking it out, it is especially useful for increasing weight. You will get many useful benefits from it, then the poppy which is in the first place is also cool and will be a special confirmatory necklace for you which removes many friends from the body and increases strength in the mouth and body.

Green Mung Bean

Triphala Powder

In the third place, there is a medicine which if used by everyone then he/she will not have to visit the doctors of the hospital. This is such a medicine that it has been specifically described in the scriptures of our Ayurveda and it is the only thing that a person can use. The combination of these things makes all three of them a very useful medicine. What is that thing? It is Triphala powder. Triphala is a medicine in which myrobalan is used. Baheda is used and Amla is used.

    What is said about myrobalan? It is said that even Harihar is beneficial to human beings and the one who does not have a mother can consider Harad as his mother. Just as a mother is beneficial to the child in every way, in the same way, Harihar also becomes beneficial by entering the human body in every way. If it is myrobalan then myrobalan has been used in it, after that, the bus has been used in it, which is Amla, its medicinal properties are unique, tea is special, for your skin, for digestion, for hair, for the removal of wrong things. Vitamin C is present in sufficient quantity in the body, it helps in vomiting, and it has many benefits, so it is Triphala. If you know the method of using it properly, then you can get many types of health benefits from it.

    In the third place, there is a medicine which if used by everyone then he/she will not have to visit the doctors of the hospital. This is such a medicine that it has been specifically described in the scriptures of our Ayurveda and it is the only thing that a person can use in these. It is a combination of things, all three are extremely useful medicines, what is that thing, it is Triphala powder, Triphala is a medicine in which myrobalan, baheda, and gooseberry are used, which is Amla. Its medicinal properties are unique, and it is special, be it for your skin, digestion, hair, or removal of wrong things from the body, Vitamins C and D are there in sufficient quantity, and it has many benefits, so it is Triphala. If you know how to use it properly then you can get many health benefits from it.

    Let us understand how to take Triphala powder and how to make it. First of all, you will get Triphala powder from many companies, but you must understand that the authenticity of what you are making yourself will be at a different level If something is so simple then why not make it yourself and use it?

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    How To Make Triphala Powder?

    First of all, you understand that myrobalan has to be used. After that, you understand the use of Indian gooseberry and Indian gooseberry. First of all, What remains in small quantities is myrobalan. Baheda is used in double the quantity and Amla is used in three times the quantity, thus understand that you have taken myrobalan in the quantity of 100 grams, elderberry in the quantity of 200 grams and you have taken Amla in the quantity of 300 grams. I crushed all three at one place and after crushing them in a grinder etc. or in that team relationship, you made a fine powder out of it and you have to take this fine powder and understand how to take it. Also, you should understand that the negative effect of this is that if I talk about different diseases or problems, it will become a very long discussion, but understand that myrobalan is also big and amla is also this. All three medicines are Tridosha destroyers, that is, they eliminate all three doshas. Now, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, these three are the two causes of every disease.

    So, whatever medicines are there that are destroyers of Tridosha, they work on every disease. Why are they able to work those plants have the special ability to alleviate all three Doshas and balance them and in this Yoga, all three medicines are there. That lamp itself is the destroyer of tri dosha, so when you use Triphala powder, you can understand that you are doing good in every aspect of your body, you are making yourself healthy in every aspect. Moving forward from this, how to use it. There are different methods of using it due to which its benefits are also different. The effects induced in the body will be available in both methods but understand it specifically.

    When we take Triphala powder at night, it works as a laxative and when we take Triphala powder in the morning, only then do the nutrients go in, that is, it provides nourishment. Now the person will have to see for himself whether He needs purgation or he needs to be nourished. His body is weak, that is, the one who has been living in his body for a long time feels that his body has become dirty and pimples and boils appear again and again in the body. If you have such conditions then you can take it at night. It has to be taken before sleeping. About an hour before sleeping, you can take it with water and you can also take it with milk. If taken at night, it will provide purgation. The stomach will start getting cleaned. The problem of constipation will also end. It is useful for those who have problems with satisfaction etc. It is useful for those who have problems with satisfaction etc. If taken at night or in the morning, it is to be taken in the morning with milk. No, then it is said that either take it with honey or take it with jaggery. If you consume Triphala with Gudiya honey in the morning, then it loses its nutrients. It nourishes the body. It contains many elements in the body. It proves that and makes the body healthy, so it is convenient to use it.

    I hope you have understood it properly and you will see whether you have to take it in the evening or as per your requirements and the suitability of the body. Then you have to take it in the morning. By determining this method, if you use these medicines, then you will get special help in keeping yourself healthy in every way. We do not talk about any disease, we talk about the principles of Ayurveda. The following topics are especially useful in making you strong and healthy and our aim should be that before the disease comes, keep yourself in such a condition that the disease does not come and the disease stays away. Our body should not be affected by us, these are the rules, these are the awareness, this is the understanding. Based on this information, when we accept things and leave more things, then we can remain free from diseases. If we can avoid it, then the two things which we told in the beginning, every person has to start taking, double the quantity at night, have to use it in the morning and the thing which we have told to be used only, take it after seeing how to use it as per your need. If you want to start then hope that you have understood all this information properly.

    FAQs About Improve Health

    What are the benefits of using poppy seeds soaked overnight?

    Poppy seeds are quite cooling, and have a cooling effect on the body, making them useful in the summer season poppy seeds aid digestion, improve skin health, and promote hair health. Poppy seeds also help a lot in weight control and reduce skin problems and various disorders.

    How should poppy seeds be consumed after soaking them overnight?

    To use poppy seeds, soak two tablespoons of poppy seeds in a glass vessel overnight and consume both poppy seeds and soaked water in the morning. Additionally, soaked poppy seeds water can be consumed throughout the day, providing relief in conditions like depression and urinary tract infections.

    What are the benefits of green mung beans after soaking and sprouting?

    Green Moong is very beneficial in the summer season due to its cooling nature. Sprouting them enhances their properties to a greater extent, which include strengthening the body, nourishing the tissues, and increasing semen production. Green mung beans also help in weight gain and have a great cooling effect on the body.

    What is Triphala Churna and how does it contribute to health benefits?

    Triphala Churna is a combination powder of three ingredients: Harad, Baheda, and Amla. It is known for its unique medicinal properties, beneficial for skin, digestion, hair, and detoxification. Triphala powder is very beneficial in balancing the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) in the body, making it effective against various diseases.

    How can Triphala powder be prepared and consumed for the best benefits?

    To make Triphala powder, grind myrobalan, baheda, and amla thoroughly in the ratio of 1:2:3 respectively. This powder can be taken with warm water in the evening for its laxative effect or in the morning for nutrition.

    Disclaimer: Consider this as an info guide, not a substitute for medical advice. It reflects the views of independent doctors or nutritionists, not For health concerns, consult a pro. Medical guidance can vary by location, so use outside advice wisely or reach out to a local expert.

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