8 Best Foods with Good Cholesterol to Increase HDL Cholesterol

Best Foods with Good Cholesterol

Today we will talk about some food items that help increase the good cholesterol, i.e., HDL cholesterol in us. We often overthink about reducing cholesterol and struggle a lot for it. Do it more but do you know that as much as it is important to lower bad cholesterol, it is equally important to increase good cholesterol i.e. HDL? See, on hearing the word cholesterol, the first thought that comes to mind is of heart disease, but now and then. Not one cholesterol is bad. All cholesterols are not the same. This is HDL cholesterol. Friends, about which we are going to talk in this article, it works like a protector for your heart. It removes bad cholesterol i.e. LDL. Removes cholesterol from your bloodstream and reduces the risk of heart disease. So let’s start without and know about eight common foods which if you eat, help in increasing your HDL cholesterol and ultimately Also help in reducing your cholesterol

There are two types of cholesterol, one is good cholesterol which is HDL and the other is bad cholesterol which is LDL. Now HDL is called good cholesterol because it removes LDL i.e. bad cholesterol from our blood stream. And drags it to the liver from where it goes out of our body. Now because ADL reduces LDL, if you look at it in this way, HDL prevents blockage inside our heart or other types of problems. It happens in the heart, let’s say stroke, etc., which happens in the brain, and it often reduces the risk of such diseases. On the other hand, HDL cholesterol is called bad because it gets deposited inside the artery of our heart. And it becomes a very big region of causing blockage etc. So now the question comes how can we increase this HDL cholesterol, then here diet plays a very big role because the right diet not only improves the H levels in you. Not only can it help you in managing LDL levels, but let us know about those eight amazing foods that help in increasing your good cholesterol i.e. HDL.

Olive Oil

So the first food is olive oil, especially extra virgin olive oil. Now many of you will comment and say to me that sir, if we eat oil in food then it can increase cholesterol, then how can you say olive oil? See sir, there are monosaturated fats in olive oil, these fats help you increase your good cholesterol i.e. HDL, and along with it, there are many antioxidants in it that reduce inflammation and keep your heart healthy. But yes, this does not mean at all that you have to eat lots of olive oil in your food or you have to start eating oily items with lots of olive oil if your cholesterol is high. So you should consume oil in very small quantities and whatever this olive oil is, you should consume it only in 24 hours by putting one to two teaspoons on your salad or by adding it on top of your food. What will happen with this? Your good cholesterol will increase, however, one more tip I would like to give you here is to always choose high quality extra version of olive oil, it is a bit expensive but its health benefits make it a good investment. And justifies its money, justifies its price. You will also find many cheap olive oils in the market, which look very tangy in appearance and look beautiful, but they are not pure olive oil, they often contain palm oil or There is the adulteration of other cheap oils which, far from being beneficial for you, can sometimes cause harm to you, so always buy 100% pure and extra virgin olive oil. Now you will say, sir, how will we know all this? How to know whether there is adulteration inside or whether it is extra virgin oil or not or such things? So friends, whenever you take olive oil, always turn the label and read it carefully. In this, you will get complete information about what is inside it. What are the things, if you buy olive oil just by looking at its beautiful level or if you buy olive oil just by looking at its price and by looking at its offers, then you will get cheated somewhere or the other. This will not be good for your health.

Fatty Fish

Fatty Fish

The second thing is fatty fish, fatty fish is called such fishes which have more fat in them, like salmon, tuna Macal or if we talk about desi fish at our place, then water chestnut friends, when we talk about heart health. If we do, then the importance of Omega 3 fatty acids cannot be ignored and these Omega 3 fatty acids are found in abundance and of very high quality, especially in fatty fishes. It not only increases your HDA levels but also reduces inflammation and significantly reduces the risk of heart disease. So if you eat fish, I would recommend it at least two to three times a week. You must eat fish once or twice a day. The way of preparing the fish also has a lot of importance because if you cook the fish in the wrong way then you will not get any benefit from it and it may You should always eat fish by grilling it, steaming it, or baking it; you should never eat it by frying it or by making a very oily gravy, because in this way if If you eat it, you will get a lot of unhealthy fat along with the fish, which will neutralize the benefits you get from the fish, but what it will neutralize, I would say that more will overpower it and you will not benefit from the fish. You will get it, but on the contrary, it will cause harm to you.

Nuts And Seeds

The third food is nuts and seeds like almonds, walnuts, flax seeds chia seeds, etc. All these things help a lot in increasing your HDL levels. Monounsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids are found in these nuts and seeds. These are very good for your heart health, they also contain fiber which again helps you in managing cholesterol levels and also helps in improving digestion, but here friends, there is a very important thing. What you should always keep in mind is that the calorie content in them is also very high, hence you should consume them very carefully and in limited amounts only. You can eat them as a snack in salads or You can eat them by mixing them with curd or soak them in water and eat them as is. This is a small addition that can bring a big change in your diet and help in enhancing your HDL cholesterol naturally. can help you a lot

Whole Grains

Whole grains come in fourth place, whole grains like oats and barley, can prove to be very helpful in increasing your HDL cholesterol. They contain soluble fiber which not only increases ADL but also reduces LDL i.e. bad cholesterol. It also helps you in reducing cholesterol, that is, you get to benefit from it in two ways, especially if we talk about oats, it contains beta-glucan which goes inside a very powerful solchem system and absorbs the cholesterol there. So that it does not go into the bloodstream and at the same time it gets removed from your body, which improves heart health. If you want, you can try oat flour for breakfast or if you want, you can use desi wheat flour. You can eat Roti Barley Roti or Bajra Roti Ragi Roti and other such whole grain rotis. If you include whole grains in your diet in this way, then you will not only benefit from your You can balance your cholesterol level and reduce it, but you can also enjoy a very good and healthy balanced diet which will give you many other benefits along with reducing this cholesterol as well as increasing your HDL. And your taste will also be better than this.


Foods with Good Cholesterol

The fifth thing is avocado, avocado is an imported fruit that is creamy and is often known for its unique taste and many health benefits. Avocado contains monounsaturated fats which are considered good fats and these are good for you. HDL helps you increase cholesterol levels naturally. Apart from this, avocado also contains fiber which is very good for your digestion and also helps you manage cholesterol levels because as I told you. It contains fiber which absorbs cholesterol inside your intestines and reduces it in the bloodstream, due to which your overall cholesterol profile improves. If you want, you can have avocado toast with breakfast every morning. You can try this or you can also include avocado in salads, although the avocado is a little costly, not a little it is very costly, so if you can afford it then definitely try it, otherwise, there are many other things. If there are some things that I am telling you then you can try them also.

Dark Chocolate

The sixth thing is dark chocolate. Yes, the same dark chocolate that you like very much and which you crave to eat, but you have to eat it with just a little understanding. On hearing the name of dark chocolate, do not think that you can eat any chocolate. You can pick it up and eat it. What I am talking about here is dark chocolate with high cocoa content, which is preferably with low sugar content. Here I am talking about it. Dark chocolate contains flavones which are a group of antioxidants. And these flavones help you a lot in improving HDL cholesterol levels and at the same time, they also play an important role in fighting heart disease. Studies show that a moderate concentration of chocolate can enhance your heart health. That is, it can improve your heart health. When you choose dark chocolate, always keep in mind that its cocoa content should be at least 70. However, the higher the cocoa content, the less sugar it will have. And you will get more health benefits from it and yes, always keep moderation in mind because eating too much chalk can increase your weight and can also cause other health problems, so do not think that you are trying to improve one thing. If it spoils you with other things, then always keep in mind moderation and eat only a few or two to four pieces of it every day.


Foods with Good Cholesterol

The seventh food item is garlic, garlic plays a wonderful role in managing your cholesterol levels and I have already made it in many videos. Research on this one garlic shows that garlic has anti-inflammatory properties. It is also very helpful in reducing cholesterol levels, especially if we talk about garlic, it reduces LDL cholesterol i.e. bad cholesterol very effectively, and indirectly because of this, your HDL cholesterol also increases. Cholesterol i.e. good cholesterol also improves. You can use garlic in many ways. You can eat raw garlic, usually two to three cloves which are eaten in the morning. It is most beneficial. If you do not want to eat it, then you can eat the garlic pickle that comes with vinegar. However, garlic chutney is also often made and it is very helpful in managing your cholesterol levels. If it can help, then you can adopt any one of these methods and by eating garlic, you can not only reduce your cholesterol but can also reduce your blood pressure and it is beneficial in many other diseases too. You can get many other benefits along with cholesterol from a single garlic.

Green Tea

The eighth thing, that is, the last item, is green tea. Green tea is very famous for its antioxidants, especially catechins, which are very beneficial for your overall heart health. Studies have shown that drinking green tea reduces LDL cholesterol. That is, the bad cholesterol you have is reduced and the HDL cholesterol i.e. good cholesterol is increased. These cats which are found inside green tea, prevent cholesterol from being absorbed and thus improve your heart health. Improves blood pressure, and reduces the risk of heart disease, friends, another big benefit of green tea is that it also helps you in weight loss, which is indirectly helpful in managing your cholesterol levels. This is because cholesterol often increases due to obesity. Friends, if you drink two to three cups of green tea every day, it improves your heart health very well. It is beneficial for you and also reduces cholesterol in a good way. By the way, remember friends, green tea also has caffeine inside it, so if you have any problem with caffeine, then you should consume it very thoughtfully or in small quantities only.

So, friends, these were some important foods. Which can increase your good cholesterol i.e. HDL

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