6 Morning Habits of High Performers: Ensuring a Century of Health

6 Morning Habits of High Performers

Today I will share with you 6 morning habits of high performers that Ayurveda recommends to enhance your health. These six habits that I am telling you about today are very easy and everyone can adopt them daily. We can incorporate these in the morning and all of them are scientifically proven, so let’s start and know which are these six habits and what are the benefits we get from them, friends, do you know How starting a morning can shape up your entire day? Those first few hours after waking up decide everything from your mood to your energy levels, so let’s know.


Friends, the first habit that you have to develop is the habit of stretching. You must have noticed that the body automatically starts stretching when we wake up in the morning. It is a self-activation process by which it activates the muscles, joints, and blood that have been lying dormant overnight, but if we take this natural process a step further and start doing active stretching, it will give you an even better start to your day. It can be good that when we stretch, our muscles relax, blood circulation improves and flexibility also increases. According to research, when you do regular stretching, not only makes your body flexible but also reduces stress. And anxiety levels are very important in this fast-paced life nowadays when everyone has some problems.

Cobra pose

For morning stretches, you do not need to do any complicated stretching, simply stand up, raise both your hands, and do your entire Pull your entire body upwards like this, and hold it for some time After that, after a few seconds, come back to your normal position. This will stretch your spine, hands, legs, shoulders, etc. and your entire body will get a stretch from this. You will get a good stretch. In this way, you have to rotate your neck in a circular motion five times clockwise and five times anti-clockwise. This will relax your neck muscles. Apart from this, keep both your hands parallel to your shoulders on either side. Push in such a way as if you are pushing something backward, this will stretch your shoulders and upper back and after this, lie down on your stomach and also do Cobra pose, this will make your spine flexible.

Consuming Warm Water

Drinking hot water after waking up in the morning is not only a habit but it also has a lot of health benefits. First of all, your digestion gets boosted, the first liquid in the morning which is hot water which you drink, helps in cleaning your digestive tract. Your system becomes clean and your metabolism also becomes faster. In Ayurveda, the importance of hot water has been greatly emphasized. According to Ayurveda, if you drink hot water, it removes all the defects of the body. They remain in balance which improves your overall health and yes, if you add a little lemon juice and a little honey to this hot water, it will taste good to you and its benefits will also increase, but yes, keep in mind. The water should be lukewarm, not very hot and you have to drink it slowly, sip by sip.

Another important thing that you have to keep in mind, friends, is that you will not get any extra benefit from drinking too much water in one go. Do not drink a lot, drink as much water as your system allows, as much as your body desires, whether it is one glass, two glasses, half a glass, or one cup. Drink as much water as your body allows. Drinking water will not give you any extra benefit but on the contrary, it will put extra load on your system.

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Oil Pulling

The third habit that you should include in your morning routine is an ancient Ayurvedic practice called oil pulling. Friends, oil pulling is a traditional method that has been used in Ayurveda for centuries to maintain oral health. Oil pulling helps in removing the toxins from the mouth and it brings a lot of improvement in your oral hygiene. Apart from this, some studies also show that oil pulling helps in improving your systemic health i.e. your overall health. You get benefits some people say that doing this reduces inflammation inside the body and some people say that doing this improves heart health.

For oil pulling you just need one tablespoon of cold press oil You can take coconut oil or sesame oil, heat this oil a little, and before brushing, put a tablespoon of it in the mouth and swirl it around like we wash the mouth. You have to do this process for about 15 to 20 minutes. It is a very long process, so do it slowly so that you do not get tired. What happens during this is that the oil winds up the bacteria and toxins inside your mouth. It also dissolves the plaque accumulated on the teeth and cleans it. After 15-20 minutes, spit out this oil and then wash the mouth with lukewarm water, and if you want, you can drink it regularly. You can also do brushing.

By doing oil pulling regularly, you will gradually feel the difference in your overall health, your teeth and gums remain healthy and the bad smell coming from your mouth also starts reducing as I told you you get many benefits from it for your overall health, so you should do oil pulling daily after waking up in the morning.

Eye Wash

Our next healthy morning habit is eye wash. Friends, in this digital age where we spend most of our time in front of the screen, it becomes very important to take care of the eyes. Sprinkle cold water in the eyes after waking up in the morning. Friends, washing them thoroughly with clean water is a habit that protects you from eye infections. It helps in dry ice and can also improve eyesight. Keep in mind that you should not apply water too vigorously to your eyes. You have to hit it with a light hand, you have to splash water on your eyes and then you have to blink your eyes softly so that water can go inside your eyes also, what will happen is that your eyes will also get natural lubrication and dust particles or pollution particles will get removed from our eyes. The deposits that accumulate in the eyes will also be cleared, which will overall improve our eye health.

Eye Wash

Sit In The Sun For 10 Minutes Every Day

After washing your eyes, the next thing that you have to do and which you have to make a habit of is to soak up the sunlight for 10 minutes every day. Friends, the first rays of the sun in the morning are rich in natural Vitamin D and from this, we get plenty of Vitamin D which can provide hundreds of benefits to our body. What happens is that our bones become stronger and apart from this it also improves our mood and provides positivity and energy to the body. Another important thing that we get from this is that it keeps our circadian rhythm i.e. our body clock under control.

Let us now talk about some practical tips by which we can enjoy the sun safely. Friends, first of all, you should sit in the sun in the morning when the sunlight is very light and during this time you should spend about 10 to 15 minutes in the sun, this gives you a lot of benefits. What happens at this time is that the UV rays are reduced. Are they harmful and what effect do they have on your skin? This has less adverse effects on your skin and provides more benefits.

But still, if your skin is very sensitive then you can apply something light on your skin. You can also apply sunblock or sunscreen but remember that direct exposure to sunlight is very important for the formation of vitamin D inside your body’s skin, so if you can do without it, all the better. Well, if you have any compulsion then you can apply it. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that you should not sit in the sun for too long. Usually sitting for 10 to 15 minutes is enough. If you sit more than this, it will cause tanning of the skin. Or you may be facing other problems too, so just sit for 10-15 minutes. And see that there will be a wonderful energy inside your body throughout the day your heart will also become stronger and your mood and anxiety levels will also reduce.

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The First Meal Of The Day

On to your sixth and most important habit, which is to customize your first meal of the day, your breakfast must be according to your health goals, whether your goal is weight loss or you want to control diabetes. Be it or you have to do something else, your breakfast should be according to your goals. Friends, every person’s body is different and their nutritional requirements are also different, hence with personalized nutrition you can achieve your health goals more effectively. And because morning breakfast is most important for our whole day, hence it is very important to take special care of it.

Let me explain to you what you should do according to some practical guidelines and examples. Whether you want to lose weight or you want to maintain your weight, then high-fiber and low-calorie foods are best for weight loss. Like oatmeals with fruits or whole green roti with vegetables or watermelon or orange juice, I am just telling you an example and in this, you can increase or decrease anything according to your interest and choose the right foods. Similarly, if we talk about diabetic patients, then they should take foods with low glycemic index. Juices are given to diabetic patients, hence any kind of You should not take juice in the morning or at any time. Friends, by taking these types of foods for breakfast, you can keep your blood sugar levels stable for the whole day. Similarly, if you want your bones to become strong, there is calcium deficiency. If it is happening in the body, then you can take calcium-rich foods like ragi dosa or curd with nuts or seeds. Similarly, if you should consume blood-purifying foods like green smoothie of moong dal. Soup Vegetable Soup Coconut Water Lemon Juice etc.

Again I would like to tell you that these things which I am telling you are just examples, you can bring variations in them as per your taste and availability or if you wish, you can consult a nutritionist or a dietitian. By consulting, you can get help and get a customized chart made for yourself. Remember friends, this is the first meal of the day, it is very important and if you customize it a little according to your goals, then it will help you You get a lot of help in achieving your goals and you gradually start seeing a lot of improvement in your health.

FAQs About 6 Morning Habits of High Performers

Why is stretching important?

Stretching relieves tension at the start of the day, it is a self-activating process by which it activates muscles, joints, and blood that have been dormant overnight, increasing flexibility reducing stress, and improving health, Is.

What are the benefits of drinking hot water in the morning?

Drinking warm water in the morning improves digestion, cleanses your system speeds up your metabolism, balances doshas, and improves general health.

What is oil pulling and what are its benefits?

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that helps maintain oral health, remove bacteria from the body, improve systemic health, and keep your teeth and gums healthy, and reduce bad breath. It starts happening.

How much water should one drink in the morning?

You should drink water slowly at the beginning of the morning, as per your system’s permission, and drink as much water as your body wants, but not more.

How long should the oil-pulling process take?

You have to do the oil-pulling process for about 15 to 20 minutes. This is a very long process so do it slowly so that you do not get tired.

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