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Women's Health
Dr. Jamie McManus

Women�s Choice. Women�s Health

Well, for some unknown reason Women�s Choice is a favorite product of mine, possibly because I am a woman, possibly because I focused on women�s health throughout my practice years but certainly as Senior Vice President of Herbalife the development and launch of Women�s Choice has been a great joy.

Now why is this a top selling nutrition product?  Well, approximately 2 million women reach the age of 40 every year in America alone and are often experiencing the systems associated with what�s called perimenopause. 

That is the 5 to 15 year transition into menopause that can be accompanied by hot flashes, mood swings, sleep disturbance, vaginal dryness and other systems.

When you look at women in Eastern and Middle Eastern cultures they rarely experience these systems.  When researches dealt into this mystery the differences in diet seem to be a big factor.  The soy intake of the Asian diet, and the lakehums in the Middle Eastern diet provide natural plant estrogen called fidoestrogen. Where as a women in Japan may eat a diet as high as 80 grams of fidoestrogen, the western diet provides as little as 5 grams per day.  There is no word for hot flash in the Japanese language nor is there much osteoporosis but the difference is not genetics. For Asian women who migrate to America or other Western countries and adopt a western diet well their instances of these menopausal quickly equal their western counterparts.

So Women�s Choice is NOT a hormone replacement, but it has been formulated to deliver the benefits of these diets in a convenient tablet. A blend of fidoestrogen sources from soy, red clover and black cohosh.  There are studies underway examining the role of various types of flavones and other fidoestrogen sources in the prevention of osteoporosis, as that research unfolds that will be exciting.  Additionally, all studies thus far show no increase risk of breast cancer and certainly the fear of breast cancer is a major deterrent for many women in the use of hormone replacement therapy.

In fact, statistics reveal that, as many as 50% of women who could benefit from the use of hormone replacement do not because of their concerns about some of these side effects and problems.  So if you�re symptomatic with perimenopausal or menopausal systems such as hot flashes, mood swings, sleep disturbance, vaginal dryness then add two Women�s Choice twice daily until systems subside.  You may then be able to decrease to one tablet twice daily.  If you are 35 or over or you just want to nourish your body as women in Asia or the Middle East do, then take one table twice daily which also may be helpful for women suffering from PMS.  Women�s Choice makes mid-life transition what it should be, Naturally a breeze

We had one more need that needed to be taken care of and that was women�s feelings of sensuality and that sometimes declines with age, so Women�s Advantage is a great combination.  We use damiana and tribulus which are herbs which are known to increase those feelings vitality and sensuality, along with that the DHEA which has been called the Fountain of Youth but really it�s a hormone in our bodies that we all make, men and women, that tends to decline with age and has been associated possibly with being related to some of those aging changes that go on for all of us. 
It is also a natural hormone precursor in the sex hormones and so we�ve added that in along with the damiana and tribulus and some other herbs and a little cocoa powder for a little up lifting boost.  We also know that chocolate is a great anti-depressant, lots of articles written about that, and of course we have a lot of natural testimonies about the power of chocolate. 
So, the combination is just a great product, the people who are using it, not only the women but their spouses are definitely saying make sure you have that Women�s Advantage in her product order this month and it is an incredible addition for all women, but in particular for women over the age of 40 will find this to be a great boost to your life give you that sense of vitality and sensuality that you had in your 20�s and 30�s that maybe diminishing just a little bit, so this is going to bring you back to your peak performance. 
We are going to recommend that you take one a day, in the mornings (or you could take it in the evenings) and you shouldn�t take it all the time.  You should use this on a somewhat regular basis but take a vacation from it every once in a while, so we recommend taking it five days out of the seven; three weeks out of four, in that range.  It�s a great product; you�re all going to love it.



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