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Energy Enhancement
Dr. Jamie McManus

N-R-G, Nature’s Raw Guarana.  You know Guarana has been used by the Indians of South America for centuries.  It provides a natural tremendous energy lift, partly because of its caffeine content but more because of other compounds mainly methylxanthines and theobromine, big words that aren’t that important to remember.  But because of the amounts in ratios of these various compounds in Guarana, the energy boost you feel with N-R-G is a plateau then even increasing energy level, a very natural feeling increase in your energy level and not the quick up and down that can be quite uncomfortable that many people experience when they drink coffee or tea
or use other stimulates.

Each tablet with N-R-G has the equivalent caffeine of about a half a cup of brewed coffee though there is quite variability of how people brew their coffee or tea.  N-R-G is a great addition to your nutrition program for energy and vitality, but also can assist with weight loss.

Guarana has been used over the centuries also as a long tonic so those with respiratory problems such as asthma may find that adding Guarana would be a good nutritional boost.  It is clearly not a treatment for asthma but rather an addition to your nutrition program to help with overall lung health.

N-R-G comes in tablet form and also as a convenient tea, which can be drank hot or cold.  Use one to two tablets twice daily for an even energy boost all day long.


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