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"I can't think of a better profession or occupation in the world than what we have with Herbalife.

"People dream about being in a business of their own, but because they can't come up with the $50,000 or $250,000 or half-million they can't do it.

People today either have the money, but they don't have the time to enjoy it, or they have all the time, but they don't have the money. .

"This is the type of business - for those of you that go to that job everyday, that get up in the morning the same time everyday, that have your breakfast about the same time, that get in your car about the same time, that get to that job about the same time, you have your lunch about the same time, come home about the same time, you watch the news at the same time, have your dinner about the same time, you go to bed about the same time - and that's only Monday and there are 5 and 6 days left out of the week for some of you - If you only knew what we have in our hands you'd do anything to make this work.

Freedom is the most precious commodity in the world.

This isn't just about the money, what excites me is knowing that we have a small part in really changing people's lives, and that my friend, is a wonderful feeling.

"I wish I could give you that magic pill that you could swallow and know - within five minutes what you have before you.

 "I wish that each and every one of you could see this like we see it - and we're no different than anyone of you, absolutely no different. I always ask, 'What makes me special?' I'm nobody special. I was just at the right place at the right time in my life - willing to focus, to give up a little TV time, and go for it. Herbalife can give you everything you�ve ever dreamed about and more - much, much more."

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